- Professional Translation of non-Fiction Books from English into German
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I provide a complete range of services related to the translation of non-fiction books, such as:


Professional translation of the source text to the highest linguistic standard. My translations are faithful to the original, well-written und very readable. According to specification, I can apply the old or the new German spelling rules.

Compiling and translating the Table of Contents, Table of Images, Glossary, Bibliography, Index, etc.

Editing and proof-reading the translated text by qualified colleagues familiar with the respective subject.

Formatting and layout of the translated text according to specification. If desired, I can deliver a camera-ready file for the translated book. Tables, photos, graphics and other images can be included.

I have started my "second career" as a translator rather late in order to make better use of my talent for languages and my manifold interests for professional purposes. This step was not motivated financially, since you can't get rich doing translation work – one must be grateful to make a modest living as a translator. However, this work fits my personal capabilities and inclinations and provides me with a deep feeling of satisfaction after a completed project – namely, when I hold the printed book in hand.

I expect the results of my work to meet the most demanding requirements, which is reflected by the appreciation and satisfaction of my clients. Meeting deadlines is also very important in this business and I am happy to say that to date I have always managed to deliver my translations on time.

My experience of several decades with computers and application software enables me to perfectly utilize these tools and thus achieve a very efficient workflow and high output.


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