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This page presents articles, features, and reviews published in magazines, the radio and TV about books I have translated. (All files this page links to are in German.)

All copyrighted materials used on this page are being used with kind permission of the respective copyright holder.

Magazine / Station Feature
3sat: delta - Das Denk-Magazin mit Gert Scobel TV broadcast of 08/24/2006

delta - Das Denk-Magazin mit Gert Scobel:

Serienkiller, Kinderschänder, Kannibalen
Über die Möglichkeiten forensischer Psychiatrie

The book Gewissenlos was mentioned as further reading.

Deutschlandradio Kultur

Radio broadcast of 08/21/2006

Deutschlandradio Kultur:
Mit Charme, aber ohne Gewissen

Review of the book
Der Soziopath von nebenan
by Thomas Kroll

A recording of the broadcast is available here as an MP3-file (1,350 KB).

profil 30/2006

Magazine article of 07/24/2006

profil 30/2006:
Nicht gesellschaftsfähig
by Alwin Schönberger
ISSN 1291-132X, page 70

The books Gewissenlos and Der Soziopath von nebenan were the basis of this 7-page article. It was originally planned as the cover story but was pushed off the cover by the escalating hostilities in the Near East.

The article is available here in PDF format (2,062 KB).

Deutsches Ärzteblatt PP 03/2006

Book review of March 2006

Deutsches Ärzteblatt PP 03/2006:
Psychopathie - Verständlicher Einstieg
by Stephan Bork and Klaus Foerster
ISSN 1438-874X, page 98

Review of the book Gewissenlos

The review is available here in PDF format (487 KB).

Deutschlandradio Kultur

Radio broadcast of 10/06/2005

Deutschlandradio Kultur:
Soziale Raubtiere
by Susanne Nessler

Review of the book Gewissenlos.

Wirtschaftswoche 30/2005

Magazine article of 07/21/2005

Wirtschaftswoche 30/2005:
Ohne Skrupel
by Vera Sprothen
ISSN 0042-8582, page 77

The book Gewissenlos was the basis of this 3-page article about dealing with psychopathic colleagues and superiors in the office.

The article is available here in PDF format (1,057 KB).



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