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Each book is unique. Therefore, no two book translation jobs are alike. It follows that it hardly makes sense to make general statements about the amount of work and the cost of such a translation. My experience has shown that it's a good idea to negotiate the total cost for the translation and optional additional services (layout, marketing, etc.) beforehand.

Various factors enter the calculation of a specific job, for example:


volume of the source text

delivery of the source text on file or on paper

style, quality, and degree of difficulty of the source text

number and complexity of images, tables, photos, etc.

size of the index

grant of royalties per sold copy.

If you are planning a concrete project (or contemplating one), please contact me to discuss the details and I will be happy to provide you with a specific quotation.

However, to avoid any complaints that this page would only contain platitudes instead of useful information, I will provide some pricing information without obligation, based on a translation that is "average" in every respect.


Price per standard page (1800 characters) of the translated text: $36.00

Price per index entry: $0.40

Price for camera-ready layout per page of the translated text: $4.50
Images, tables, photos, etc. are charged separately.

Within the EU, please add 7% VAT to the prices given here.

Some additional information about the pricing of literary translations is available here (in German).


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